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The Saints Go Dying

The Saints Go Dying - Erik Hanberg
This was a pretty good read despite all the grammar mistakes. Come on authors, how do you publish a book with even one grammar mistake?
The plot was fun and believable and a breezy read thanks to the author not getting in to too much detail.
This is a good tip for other writers by the way, often writers get too intricate with all the plot twists and details and this can actually bog the story down and make it easier to find the holes. Nice broad strokes lets the reader fill in the details they need for the story to make sense.
I also like the main character, Arthur Beautyman, though he is drawn a bit thin.
Overall it was a nice quick read, nothing special, not a writer I will seek out but if a simple detective tracks down serial killer story is what you are in the mood for, this should work just fine for most readers.