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How to Stop Time: Superhuman Time Mastery Miracles that will Skyrocket Productivity and Motivation

How to Stop Time: Superhuman Time Mastery Miracles that will Skyrocket Productivity and Motivation - Derek Murphy
The usual, hire people that do the work for you and create things that keep earning money in perpetuity, cliches on how to make more money, have more free time and be more productive.
As someone that owned a business for years and made good money, I can personally attest that some of us no matter how hard we work or how many books we read will never be good at managing people and will never have those magical skills that enable us to hire those people that let us move on with the other things in our lives.
That is the skill I simply am convinced you are either born with or not and people that have this skill never understand how to teach it to those of us that do not.
I did enjoy the sincerity of the author and though he may not be covering new ground he covers issues that are worth reading about again.
Even if you do not usually enjoy these type books, read just the epilogue, especially if you can get the book for free as that is, by far, what I enjoyed the most.
The next best thing about the book may be its cover, probably the reason I read it. Kudos to the author for understanding the importance of a catchy cover.

Fractured Persona

Fractured Persona - Harry James Krebs, Kerry Holjes
I enjoyed this book despite a few flaws as the writing flowed and the plot was straightforward and fun and easy to follow.
That the main character loves a woman simply based on her looks and that she acts like a child was almost insulting...and I am a man. I would have enjoyed that storyline and respected the main character more if this female character had been more interesting.
To be honest the worst thing about this book is the cover. I literally looked at all the covers in my Kindle app and picked what I thought would be the worst book based on the cover so that I could read a bit, hate what I was reading and delete the book from my phone. After seeing this cover in my Kindle app I wondered why I had even downloaded the book. So I guess you can not read a book by its cover.

The Saints Go Dying

The Saints Go Dying - Erik Hanberg
This was a pretty good read despite all the grammar mistakes. Come on authors, how do you publish a book with even one grammar mistake?
The plot was fun and believable and a breezy read thanks to the author not getting in to too much detail.
This is a good tip for other writers by the way, often writers get too intricate with all the plot twists and details and this can actually bog the story down and make it easier to find the holes. Nice broad strokes lets the reader fill in the details they need for the story to make sense.
I also like the main character, Arthur Beautyman, though he is drawn a bit thin.
Overall it was a nice quick read, nothing special, not a writer I will seek out but if a simple detective tracks down serial killer story is what you are in the mood for, this should work just fine for most readers.

The Mind Readers

The Mind Readers - Lori Brighton
I enjoyed this story despite the pedestrian YA Harlequin romance writing and the bad grammar and spelling.
"He shifted so his body was closer to mind....I pushed passed the few"...come on authors, if a professional editor is not editing your work, please edit your own work.
One warning, this book ends on a cliffhanger, I am OK with how it ended but did not enjoy it enough to spend money on the next book.
If you are a 13 year old girl, this may be the book for you.

Glory Holes And Blumpkins (Slut, Depravity, Dirty Erotica) (The Filthy Diaries Of A Truck Stop Tramp)

Glory Holes And Blumpkins (Slut, Depravity, Dirty Erotica) (The Filthy Diaries Of A Truck Stop Tramp) - Anita Rimmer
Nothing great but very short so if you are in the mood for a quick little nasty sex adventure about sex entirely without love or affection then this might be for you.
The writing is nothing special but is very explicit and though you know people live lives like this it does make you wonder how anyone can end up in a situation like this.
With that said the author claims this is a true story from her life and she seems to not have any giant regrets and may have even enjoyed herself so I guess the bottom line is, to each his own.

Three Days to Die

Three Days to Die - John Avery
A nice little thriller that, though entertaining, you will forget the moment you finish reading it.
I did enjoy the book as I was reading it, the writing is nothing special, but gets the job done.
The plotting has a few holes and could have been tightened up but nothing so bad that it knocks you out of the story.
I also would have liked to see the main characters fleshed out a bit more as I really did not connect with anyone in the story.
If the thriller is your favorite genre then you should not be disappointed by this book.

City of Angeles

City of Angeles - Marlayna Glynn Brown
I enjoy memoirs, more than anything, when you read about someone's life, you realize how alike we all are regardless of our experiences.
Unfortunately I did not love this one. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, the writing is good, it simply did not make me feel anything.
The writer had a fairly interesting life, seems to have had lots of boys and sex, good for her, the type life I imagine millions of women have lived but I can not say reading this book added anything to my life.
I have just finished reading it and there is not that one thing, that one story, that one feeling or lesson that sticks with me, changes my life in even some tiny way. I expect and need for it to do that for me to really like this or any book.

The Playboy Interview: The Essentials

The Playboy Interview: The Essentials - Playboy Enterprises
This is one heck of book for anyone that loves the art form of the interview and I do highly recommend it. 50 interviews, 1400 plus pages, as someone that is lucky to get 15 minutes a day to read, it is quite a commitment but well worth it.
One of the things that makes it so interesting is that you have history on your side to think about what the subjects are saying and to contemplate how their lives have unfolded compared to their thoughts at that moment in time.
It is especially fun when you catch a subject being a hypocrite in view of how they have since lived their life or to read them say things that you know now they would probably be embarrassed about.

Porsche 911: 50 Years

Porsche 911: 50 Years - Randy Leffingwell
This is a beautiful big coffee table book about the Porsche 911 with great pictures and a comprehensive history including not only stories about the car but the people behind the making and marketing of it.
I would highly recommend this book as a great gift for the Porsche lover or owner in your life.

Winter Cocktails: Mulled Ciders, Hot Toddies, Punches, Pitchers, and Cocktail Party Snacks

Winter Cocktails: Mulled Ciders, Hot Toddies, Punches, Pitchers, and Cocktail Party Snacks - Maria Del Mar Sacasa, Tara Striano
Its a nice cocktail book focusing on the cold weather season. A great addition to any bar for when you are looking for new ideas for what to drink when it is cold outside.

Liar's Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street

Liar's Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street - Michael Lewis
I am a big fan of Michael Lewis so it is hard for me to be objective in a review but I do think this book is brilliant.
Personally I have not ready a better book that sums up the greed and gluttony of 1980's Wall Street.
One thing that I found fascinating, especially with our recent financial collapse and history to compare and contrast, is that this book so clearly shows that as smart and as slick as some people can be in their quest to get rich in the financial markets ultimately Wall Street is simply one big giant casino and the people that work there are for the most part simply gamblers.